Mallemuk - Sultne Hjerter

Af Elisabeth Vik

The folk duo from Southern Denmark blend genres with a foot stomping, sing-along anthem for quarantined Danes longing for summer, sun and fancy-free flirtation.

The single Sultne Hjerter or Hungry Hearts marks the first official studio release of Mallemuk, and it is a promising new addition to the folk scene in Denmark. In combining the craft of traditional folk with an indie-pop aesthetic, the duo have succeeded at building an approachable sound. I myself was already captured by the pair and their music when they in 2019 released their beautiful and moving video ‘I Rendestenen’, which portrayed lodgers and clients of a prolific homeless shelter in Aarhus Denmark.

Although accordionist and singer Joakim Okkels and guitarist Michael Hornhaver might be unfamiliar names to some of the Copenhagen folk-audience, they are a prolific pair in their own borough of Tønder, home to the famous Tønder Festival. The pair are in the midst of planning the release of a full album, and while I wait for it, I will be walking around Copenhagen whistling the remarkably catchy end theme to Sultne Hjerter.